Junkuhn Design is Susanne Junkuhn Holm.

The idea surfaced after finishing an education as design/pattern maker in 2005 at Himmerlands School of Textiles. Besides that I have an education as a stylist from the School of Stylists in Copenhagen.

From an early age, I have shown an interest in fashion, beauty and design, which have led to me being educated as a hairdresser, stylist, designer/pattern maker, nail-technician and make-up artist.

I work as a freelance stylist and my aim is to accomplish the same in regard to my clothing designs.

In connection with designing clothes I handle the entire development- and productionprocess for a collection, but I also work with the individual phases like design and ideas, final drafts and working out production and technical drawings. I have professional experience with the entire product process.

What drives me: ambitions, the joys of working and talent.

www.karstenl.com - Photographer Karsten Langhoff
www.kasperfuglsang.com - Photographer Kasper Fuglsang
www.one.dk - Diskotek One, Fredericia
www.ordinary-people.dk - Model agency, Copenhagen